Salt and Pepper

In recent years, diamonds have become the star for a traditional engagement ring. While gemstones are still appealing and call to some, most people still opt for a diamond center as the norm. Many modern couples are embracing salt and pepper because you get the traditional center with a progressive twist.

Salt and Pepper diamonds are natural mined diamonds with a mix of black and white inclusions. Nearly all diamonds have some kind of inclusion, but they are often so small they can’t be seen by the naked eye. With salt and pepper diamonds, these inclusions are not only large and visible, they also affect the diamond’s overall appearance in a unique and beautiful way. These natural salt and pepper diamonds come out of the earth just as nature intended for them to with all their birthmarks intact. These birthmarks, called inclusions, are natural imperfections trapped inside the stone that make the diamond uniquely beautiful to the naked eye. They might look like feathers, craters, clouds, coloration, or even galaxies.

Salt and Pepper diamonds are diamonds with a wild and raw appeal. They give the beauty standard associated with the 4 C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat) a new meaning. Salt and Pepper diamonds put more emphasis on the color and clarity and less on the cut and carat. With traditional white diamonds, color and clarity have a less is more approach. Salt and Pepper diamonds are most beautiful when the clarity is heavily included and the color is heavily varied. While still available in all shapes, Salt and Pepper diamonds are usually rose cut to give these distinctive stones more depth and dimension. Finally, unlike white diamonds where the higher the carat weight the bigger the stone, Salt and Pepper Diamonds rely more on the mm spread than the traditional carat weight. This gives you better bang for your buck when you opt for a salt and pepper slice.

Salt and pepper diamonds are still diamonds, after all, and diamonds are incredibly rare and valuable. This creative, beautiful diamond offers the same level of durability and beauty while appealing with speckles of black and white to make every ring with this stone a one of a kind piece you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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